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Stress and Anxiety Management Workshop for Professionals: Practical Strategies for Success

In the modern world, which is constantly evolving, our time, thoughts and presence are in constant demand. This naturally leads to stress and anxiety in almost all of us. Although stress and anxiety can be a natural human response, we sometimes can experience emotions which can stop us from being as productive as we possibly can be. Having said that, there are some stress & anxiety that we can do something about, and others which we hope to avoid or control.

Effective stress and anxiety management begins first with identifying the triggers and developing an action plan which works best for each one of us. In this one day course, we will walk you through this important topic to help participants adapt the new point of view and approach life with the right skills so that we can be happier, healthier, and still be productive.


Learning Outcomes :-

  1. Understand the concept of stress and anxiety in workplace and life.
  2. Identify triggers of stress and anxiety and how its effects performance, health and happiness.
  3. Recognise the physical and emotional symptoms of stress and anxiety.
  4. Identify and manage the common organisational stress.
  5. Apply different coping strategies to improve response to stress and anxiety.
  6. Develop a personal action plan for optimal health and productivity.

Course Module


Trainer Profile

Known to many as Dr Lawa, Dr Lawaniah Sandran is a passionate and versatile medical doctor and trainer who believes that every individual should be empowered to be responsible on their own health. She is an ardent believer that every learning session is an opportunity to advocate and promote her audience on healthy lifestyle habits.

Dr Lawaniah realized the need to create mental health awareness with the rise in mental health disorders among Malaysians. She has conducted mental health related webinars and also stress management training for various corporate clients. In addition to this, Dr Lawaniah is also a certified Happiness Coach. She conducts various programs and consultancy for improving personal and workplace happiness.

With her vast experience, Dr Lawaniah Sandran is considered an industry expert and thought leader. Dr Lawaniah Sandran thrives on the benefits that a healthy workplace brings both to an employee’s quality of life and to an organizations success. In her view, it is a win-win scenario. She also helps organizations create healthy and thriving workplaces. She specialize in strategic consultancy, speaking and training services for workplaces, government agencies and industry groups. She also offers lifestyle consultation to her patients.

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This workshop is designed for professionals who experience stress and anxiety in their work and personal life and want to learn practical strategies to manage and overcome it.

You will learn to understand the concept of stress and anxiety, identify triggers, recognize physical and emotional symptoms, manage common organizational stress, and apply coping strategies to improve response to stress and anxiety. You will also develop a personal action plan for optimal health and productivity.

The trainer for this workshop is Dr. Lawaniah Sandran, a passionate and versatile medical doctor, trainer, and certified Happiness Coach with vast experience in mental health and creating healthy workplaces.

The workshop is 1/2 day, 1 day or 2 days.

Yes, there will be a Perceived Stress Scale assessment tool to help participants understand how different situations affect their feelings and perceived stress.

The benefits of attending this workshop include gaining a better understanding of stress and anxiety, learning effective coping strategies, developing a personal action plan for optimal health and productivity, and improving overall quality of life.

This program can be conducted both face-to-face and online, depending on the preferences and requirements of the participants or the organization.

Yes, this program can be customized and delivered as an in-house training for organizations. The content can be tailored to meet specific needs and challenges of the organization’s employees.

Yes, the program can be delivered in Bahasa Melayu. Dr. Lawaniah Sandran is proficient in both English and Bahasa Melayu and can conduct the workshop effectively in either language based on the participants’ preferences or organizational requirements.