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Pregnancy Consultation

Preconception lifestyle support and guidance
for an optimum pregnancy journey

Having a healthy baby-to-be starts long before conception. There are multiple factors to consider in terms of overall health, fitness and nutrition so you can go on to have a thriving pregnancy that results in a vivacious bundle of joy.

As the lifestyle of from one woman to another differs, a personalised preconception health plan will go a long way for you to conceive easily and enjoy the pregnancy journey. This programme focuses on getting your body and mind ready for pregnancy, which can take a few months or longer depending on your current lifestyle and health condition.

The health take-aways from this programme is not restricted only when you are planning to conceive. In fact, part of preconception health is about getting and staying healthy overall, with sustainable tips and tricks you can practice long after the last session.

  • Starts with a pre-pregnancy screening test
  • Includes lifestyle consultation to help you make positive changes
  • Yoga sessions to optimise mind and body for pregnancy
  • Follow-up sessions ranging from 3 to 6 months, depending on chosen package
  • Nutritional analysis and advise on supplements intake
Who Should Participate?:
  • Women (or couples) planning for pregnancy in 6 months or more