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Comprehensive physical and mental health programme for an optimally performing workforce

OptiHealth is designed to deliver true employee health transformation, along with instilling a health-conscious movement within your organisation. This face-to-face programme conducted in a group setting is a deep dive into empowering people to take control of their lifestyle and achieving their health goals. Those already suffering from lifestyle-related diseases will learn about treatment, disarming and potential reversal of their condition.
This programme is ideal for organisations that want to make their employee health a top priority, which in itself is a sound strategy to attract, retain and keep top talents motivated. This intensive, yet highly engaging 12-week programme covers all 6 core components of lifestyle, including:
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Sleep health
  • Stress Management
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Risky Substance Avoidance
This holistic approach provides a clear-cut template for your employees to understand risk factors, make positive lifestyle changes and ultimately go on to live a happy, healthy and productive life.
  • Conducted face-to-face over 3 months in an engaging, experiential mode with activities and reflections
  • 12 total sessions: either 90 minutes weekly or half-day session every two weeks
  • Sessions are conducted by a certified lifestyle Doctor, and seasoned corporate trainers
  • Fully customised package available for more attuned results
  • Health screening of all participants is recommended before commencing the programme
Who Should Participate?
  • Perfect for entire organisations, departments or teams
  • Individuals who want to take control of their health or who already suffer from existing chronic illnesses