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Employee Lifestyle Programmes (ELP) / Comprehensive ELPs


Discover Greater Organisational Transformation in one Full-fledged Wellness Solution

Featuring the trifecta of Evaluate, Educate and Engage, ELP+ is a comprehensive programme that accounts for every corporate wellness touchpoint.
ELP+ is one of the few holistic wellness programmes that puts equal emphasis on Mental and Physical wellbeing with purpose-specific assessments, activities and workshops. It is further enhanced with a 24-hour unlimited lifeline and 1:1 counselling for personalised support based on the profile and needs of each employee.
  • Baseline assessments to profile each employee, including mental and physical health assessments 
  • Engaging activities and trainings to encourage lifestyle modifications for healthy living
  • Mental and physical wellness interventions, including a 24-hour Lifeline, Remote Counselling and Coaching Sessions among others
  • ELP+ is designed to work for all types of companies no matter the industry, structure or operational complexity, along with options to customise and align to organisational objectives
Who Should Participate?
  • Ideal for fast paced organisations or departments constantly involved in business-critical operations and working in high-pressure environments
  • Works best for entire companies, divisions or departments of more than 200 employees

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