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ELP Lite

The Starter ELP Solution that Focuses on Mental Health and Lifestyle Enhancement

Research proves that mental issues combined with an unhealthy lifestyle has tremendous impact on the performance and productivity of employees. ELP Lite is a solution that emphasises on key concerns affecting the modern workforce of today.
ELP Lite takes participants on a revealing, insightful and engaging journey that builds mental resilience, improves emotional wellbeing and encourages lifestyle modifications. All activities and engagements can be personalised and results-oriented with simple to follow guidelines and techniques to improve overall wellness in the workplace.
  • Baseline assessments to profile each employee, including mental health assessment and lifestyle evaluation 
  • Engaging activities and trainings to encourage lifestyle modifications for healthy living
  • Mental and physical wellness interventions such as Remote Counselling
  • ELP Lite is designed to work for all types of companies no matter the industry, structure or operational complexity, along with options to customise and align to organisational objectives
Who Should Participate?
  • Ideal for fast paced organisations or departments constantly involved in business-critical operations and working in high-pressure environments
  • Works best as a cost-conscious option for entire companies, divisions or departments of more than 200 employees