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Employee Lifestyle Programmes (ELP) / Comprehensive ELPs

ELP for SMEs

The cost-efficient ELP specifically designed for Malaysian SMEs

While ELP was originally formulated as a holistic wellness programme for large corporations, we at Laisha didn’t want to leave smaller companies behind. This is because all employees – regardless of the size and set-up of their companies – should have access to wellness programmes that elevate mental and physical wellbeing.

ELP for SMEs is all about affordability, which enables thousands of small and medium businesses to provide their employees the opportunity to discover the path to greater wellness and productivity.

  • Baseline assessments to profile each employee, including mental health assessment and lifestyle evaluation 
  • Engaging activities and trainings to encourage lifestyle modifications for healthy living
  • Mental and physical wellness interventions customised according to needs
Who Should Participate?
  • Ideal for fast paced organisations or departments constantly involved in business-critical operations and working in high-pressure environments 
  • Works best for cost-conscious SMEs with less than 200 employees