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Meet Laisha

Meet Laisha

Nurturing a Healthy, Happy and Productive Corporate Culture.

Laisha Active Life was founded with the simple idea of promoting a healthier lifestyle, especially in the workplace.

An organisation’s most valuable asset – its people – is the driving force behind performance and productivity. And it is only fair to care for the wellbeing of the people that we work with.

Dr Laisha Welllness

Workplace wellness now taken care by Laisha’s Employee Lifestyle Programmes (ELP)

At Laisha, we have formulated specific programmes that prioritise employee health and wellbeing. Unlike typical Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) that primarily focuses on mental health, Laisha’s ELP solutions take a holistic approach, covering all components of lifestyle that includes both physical and mental wellness, that can all be attuned to your organisational objectives. Be it for an individual employee, small team or organisation-wide, our health and morale boosting sessions deliver results that you can measure and see. A comprehensive ELP initiative in place in your organisation can deliver transformative results that directly impact your bottom line, often within 6 months. These include:
Dr Laisha Welllness

From the Doctor’s Office

Meet Laisha’s founder and facilitator Dr. Lawaniah, who is a certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician with strong credentials in nutrition, physical activity, emotional wellness, healthy cooking among others.

Starting her career in Hospital Sultan Haji Ahman Shah, Temerloh, Pahang, Dr. Lawaniah then honed her credentials in rehabilitation medicine in Hospital Sg. Buloh, Selangor where she actively managed patients suffering from chronic diseases.

This experience then propelled her to focus on preventive medicine where she pursued to attain a certification in Lifestyle Medicine. Dr. Lawaniah is one of first two doctors locally to have successfully become the Diplomate of International Board of Lifestyle Medicine to date, and one of the few Lifestyle Medicine practitioners in Malaysia.

All her experience and expertise has gone in to creating sustainable and measurable wellness programmes for corporates and individuals.

Hear her take on corporate wellness and attaining a healthier lifestyle with Laisha Active Life.

You’ve met Laisha, now get acquainted with our programmes.

Watch more of Dr. Lawaniah’s videos sharing Lifestlye Tips & Tricks.